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Automated Laundry Racks vs Dryers: What Works Better?

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Should you get a dryer, or one of those automated laundry racks that are all the rage these

In this article, we break down the pros and cons of each option. Read on to find out more!

Using A Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers are pretty straightforward – they use a combination of heat, air, and motion to remove moisture from your clothes.

There are two types of dryers to choose from – standalone dryers and dryers which are combined with washing machines (ie, you have one machine that can both wash and dry).

The main benefit of using a combination washing machine and dryer is that you have one less machine in your home, and this takes up less space. However, the drying function on a combination machine takes longer than that of a regular dryer, and you’ll need to load fewer items of clothing in (or they won’t dry properly).

Pros & cons of a standalone dryer:

Generally speaking, both standalone dryers and combination dryers use more electricity as compared to automated laundry racks.

As for the time needed to dry your clothes, it depends. If you’re using a standalone dryer, this might allow you to dry your clothes more quickly than if you were to use a laundry rack. For combination dryers, however, these run on smaller loads and also take longer to get each load dry. In this case, the time that you spend on drying your clothes might be similar to that of using an automated laundry rack.

Using An Automated Laundry Rack

With automated laundry racks, there are a ton of different options in the market, ranging from basic to premium.

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