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Should You Hire International Web Designers to Support Your Agency

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Your design agency or marketing firm is off to a strong start. Unfortunately, you may have trouble finding enough web designers with the skills you need to keep up with business demand. What can an agency do when they either need to hire more designers than are available or ones with a different skill set?

As with any hiring practice, there are pros and cons to hiring out of your home country. Remote work seems to be the wave of the future, but how can you ensure the web designers you hire are the best fit for your brand?

1 Is There a Shortage of Web Developers?
2 Con: Tax and Currency Concerns
3 Pro: Embracing Remote Work
4 Con: Language Barriers
5 Pro: Embrace New Trends
6 Pro: Save Money
7 Remote Is the Future
Is There a Shortage of Web Developers?
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of web development jobs will grow 13% a year through 2030. Figuring out how to keep up with demand and have enough employees isn’t an easy task, especially if you live in an area without a lot of technologically minded individuals.

If you’ve tapped out your local market or just want to bring in some skill sets you can’t seem to locate, consider hiring international web designers to support your agency. You can hire them as contracts per job or bring them into the agency as international employees.

Knowing what you might face ensures you make the best decisions possible for your current employees, future ones and your company. What are the pros and cons to hiring globally?

Con: Tax and Currency Concerns
You may need an accountant who understands international remote work. Depending on what country your workers are in, there are various tax entities you’ll contend with. If you hire your international web designers as contractors, you’ll still need to figure out conversion rates and payment methods.

There are ways to circumvent these challenges fairly easily, but being aware of them and that they might require an extra step or two is important. Will you need to hire a third-party to handle payroll management? What is the added expense? Weigh all these factors.

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